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    mber Alerts.'When local police determine a child ▓is missing, they alert other police officers and the local media by announc▓ing the identity of the missing child and▓ encourage people to be on the look

    -out.China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has launched

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    simi▓lar alerts, but with a hi-tech upgrade. The ‘Emergency Response System,’ commonly called, "Reunion," uses a mobile APP for messaging the public.The 'Reunion' APP ensures more efficie

    nt sharing of information and better ▓collaboration between law enf

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    orcement officials. Citizens, who sign on to the APP, receive push notifications that provide the▓ identification and description of a miss▓ing child.China launched the 'Reunion' system last year in M

    ay and it's been successful in locating over 1,27▓4 missing childre

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children are reported abducted in China ▓

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's familiesNew technologies give hope to missing children's families05-22-2017 17:42 BJTNothing can be more heartbreaking for a family than when▓ their child goes missing. At
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first, ▓they could be in de nial assuming the child is tempora▓rily lost and may soon find them. But as the minutes go by and an hour or two later, the parents begin to panic.
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They realize it's no longer a joke▓ as they may have thought the child was just hiding to be naughty. And the longer it takes to recover the child, the more unlikely the kid c
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an return safely home.Here 's where every moment co▓unts, a time for action or risk losing the child, perhaps for the rest of their lives. They ▓should alert the people nearby
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